Beatport and Bankruptcy In The Same Sentence, Should We Worry?

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     Yesterday, electronic music giant SFX Entertainment officially declared bankruptcy. This shocked many dance music enthusiasts as SFX is also know for throwing some of the largest EDM events in the world including Tomorrowland.

SFX is broke

More importantly, SFX Entertainment is the parent of the worlds largest music store specifically aimed at DJ’s, Following the announcement from SFX, Beatport issued an urgent press release (read the whole post HERE)

“For all of us here at Beatport, it’s just business as usual.”

From the looks of it, Beatport will not be affected. At least not on the consumer side. What this means for the back-end of the digital music behemoth we do not know at the moment but we can assume they will likely be some changes at the top.

Check back for updates as we will be on the ball when anything changes. Currently though, it seems as if we can rest assured that or favorite, chart flaunting music portal won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.



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