Mastering Subscriptions- Coming Soon!

Why Subscribe?

Are you a prolific producer or a record label needing mastering on a regular basis? A subscription plan has advantages.

1. Save 40% with a mastering subscription!

2. When you sign up for a mastering subscription, you can just send in your tracks to be mastered without hassling with transactions!

Monthly Plans are available in $25 increments from $25—$250.

What Are Credits?

-A credit is equal to one stereo master.
-Two credits are equal to a stem master.
-Three credits are equal to a 32 channel master.
-Four credits are equal to an unlimited channel mix-down.

Do Credits Roll Over To The Next Month?

Yes! As long as you are subscribed, your credits are good and will keep building up until you use them.

For Further Details, go to Submission Guidelines

To Order a Subscription Plan, go to Order Mastering