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Mastering is the final stage before music is sent to distribution.

It involves attaching metadata to to the files, embedding ISRC codes and of course, enhancing the audio.

If an EP or an Album is being mastered, one of the primary goals is to create a cohesive sound between songs.

When processing the audio, we use multiple stages of EQ, compression, harmonic expansion and limiting.

One of the benefits is that you are getting the objective opinion of a seasoned engineer who has never heard the song before.

After working on a song for hours on end, you can loose perspective and miss some problems while over focusing on others.

Hiring a mastering engineer will bring fresh ears to your production and bring you the best quality possible.

While we do specialize in electronic music such as dance, house, dubstep and trance, we also have experience in a multitude of non electronic based music genres including (but not limited to) pop, indie, rock, jazz and folk.

We can also master or “sweeten” commercial audio, audiobooks, podcasts and audio for video. These types of work typically require a custom quote.

Our Stem Mastering service includes Stereo Mastering but also allows the mastering engineer additional scope to enhance and optimize any specific set of instruments within a mix such as drums, bass, sub bass, lead synth 1, lead synth 2, effects sweeps etc., and the summing of stems.

Stem Mastering —not to be confused with Mixing— can produce improved sonic results and increased depth and dimension to your master by allowing the mastering engineer to target the use of eq, dynamic adjustment and other forms of processing to the individual stems.

Mixing, on the other hand,  involves more man hours and balances individual multi-track recordings and  possibly use of automation, equalization, dynamic control and effects processing.

Stem mastering is worth considering under these circumstances:

1) When you feel there are some specific issues which could be improved through a fresh set of ears in a very accurate monitoring environment.

2) When the mix is lacking separation, width and depth- stem mastering can help you achieve this.

3) When the overall mix could use more polishing but does not need a full mixdown.

4) When additional and specific enhancement of instruments is required- such as modifying width, depth, dynamics, and balance.

Our typical turnaround time is 1-3 business days for stereo and stem mastering and 2-5 for mixing and re-production mastering.
Yes, absolutely! You can attend sessions in our studio based in Denver, Colorado, USA.

Attended sessions are for a minimum of 3 stereo masters or one mixdown due to scheduling requirements. Also, because attended sessions tend to take longer than non-attended, the rate of attended sessions is $60 per hour instead of our regular flat rates.

We accept payment via direct card transaction through our Secure Online Payment Portal.

Export your mix as a 24bit or 32bit WAV with at least a 44.1 kHz sample rate.

Please leave around 3dB of headroom. Make sure there is no limiting on the master bus and compression is only used lightly and only if you are confident in your ability to control the dynamics of the master bus.

Visit our SUBMISSION GUIDELINES page for full instructions.

Create 4-8 audio busses, one for each group of instruments. Mix these busses to your taste and then export them individually.

Check out THIS VIDEO on how to export stems.

On the GUIDELINES page, check out the STEM EXPORTING VIDEO.

We prefer to recive files via Dropbox or FTP server.

Yousendit and Sendspace are also acceptable.

When sending multiple files, pleas place them in a .zip folder.

We recommend even putting single stereo tracks into a .zip folder to prevent any corruptions.

DDP stands for Disc Description Protocol.

This is a special file type specifically designed to send to CD duplication plants as an alternative to mailing in a master CD.

You will need this if you plan on getting physical CDs. We can provide DDP files upon request.

ISRC or International Standard Recording Code is a code that adds a unique fingerprint to your music.

This helps keep track of when your music is downloaded or streamed and helps you get your royalties!

We can help you obtain ISRC’s just ask us!

Automated mastering will never be able compete with real mastering just as automatic songwriting algorithms cannot compete with real songwriters.

We have heard a few isolated instances where LANDR sounds decent, however this is not the norm.

Your music was created by a human, it needs a human to make the final objective sonic decisions.

Mastering is an art form in it’s self and there is no one way to go about it. Do yourself a favor and trust man over machine.

We can provide CDs or USB backups of your masters upon request, just pay for the medium and shipping.
Absolutely! We have a disk manufacturing partner and can help you order CD’s or Vinyl.

Send us a message HERE for a custom Quote.

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