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If you’re reading this blog, you are probably like me, a gearhead. Constantly fawning over analog compressors, tube Eq’s, the latest softsynths, midi keyboards… It never stops. Of all the waves of cool toys that come out every year, few really change our workflow and aid creative output. Sometimes the simple things are the ones that matter the most.

Lets face it, with the rise of DAWs, hardware sequencers have all but fallen by the wayside. Drum machines are replaced with built in samplers and great sounding synths are just a click away. Which brings me to my point: how do you control all of this? While many great DAW controllers like Push, Komplete Kontrol and the Presonus Faderport exist, the ultimate DAW controller is still your mouse (unless you can swing upwards of $30k for a proper large format control surface).

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If you are not a hardcore gamer it is likely that you are either using your laptops trackpad or a simple two button mouse. I too was using a vanilla mouse and keyboard combo and I had no reason to think twice about my choice in clicking device. That is, until I picked up a large amount of dialouge editing work.

This work was paying by the finished hour, so the faster I worked, the more I got paid per hour. I quickly realised that I was using the same key shortcuts over and over and while I was confident in my left handed finger gymnastics, I was convinced this could be done faster.

I hopped over to my favorite computer supply store and picked up these bad boys.

I mapped my most frequently used and most complicated shortcuts— CTRL + ALT + D gets pretty tedious after 500 repetitions to the buttons on the mouse. My editing speed increased by almost 300%. Not only did my editing speed increase,

my music production became more fluid and my hands felt better to boot.EMM Post pic 2


While $50 for a mouse may seem like a premium price, think about how much you use your mouse and keyboard!

The ability to map anything you want to any of the 11 buttons on the mouse makes the tedious multi-key shortcuts you use so often a thing of the past.

A gaming mouse can be one of the biggest bangs for your buck in the gear world.

Bottom line- Next time you are looking to up your music production game, pause and think about a simple upgrade that can make your workflow faster and smoother while letting you focus on the important things…you know, like music.



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