Stereo Mastering

1 Song – $34
2 Songs – $68
3 Songs – $90
4 Songs – $119
5 Songs – $144
6 Songs- $170
7 Songs- $197
8 Songs- $216
9 Songs- $238
10+ Songs – Custom Quote

Stem Mastering

1-5 Songs – $49 per song

6-10 Songs – $45 per song

11+ Songs – Custom Quote

And how is it different from mixing?

Our Stem Mastering service includes Stereo Mastering but also allows the mastering engineer additional scope to enhance and optimize any specific set of instruments within a mix such as drums, bass, sub bass, lead synth 1, lead synth 2, effects sweeps etc., and the summing of stems.

Stem Mastering —not to be confused with Mixing— can produce improved sonic results and increased depth and dimension to your master by allowing the mastering engineer to target the use of eq, dynamic adjustment and other forms of processing to the individual stems.

Mixing, on the other hand, involves more man hours and balances individual multi-track recordings and possibly use of automation, equalization, dynamic control and effects processing.

Stem mastering is worth considering under these circumstances:

1) When you feel there are some specific issues which could be improved through a fresh set of ears in a very accurate monitoring environment.

2) When the mix is lacking separation, width and depth- stem mastering can help you achieve this.

3) When the overall mix could use more polishing but does not need a full mixdown.

4) When additional and specific enhancement of instruments is required- such as modifying width, depth, dynamics, and balance.


Up to 32 Channels – $99 per song

Up to 64 Channels – $190 per song

64+ Channels – $199 per song

Production Mastering

So, you’ve written a song, structured it out and maybe even mixed it to the best of your ability, but it just doesn’t sound like the big pro tracks you want want it to.

Perhaps the synth sound design need work or the drums sound small or lifeless, maybe the bass doesn’t hit hard in your car. Enter… Production Mastering!

We are one of the few mastering studios in the world that offers production mastering!

You send us a full project file or stems along with midi data (or both) and we will take your track to the next level.

We can design bigger synths, punchier drums and harder hitting bass sounds. Production mastering is not ghost writing, it’s simply taking a song you have written and having a seasoned electronic dance music producer re-work the sounds that need help.

This artist had the vibe they were going for, but the sounds just weren’t up to par. We took the bones of the song and transformed it into a commercial level track.

This service comes in two tiers, both include a full mix and master.

We replace either the drums, bass or main synths and leads.

This is a great if you have most of the song the way you want it, but one element needs work.

$249 per track

We replace everything that needs work including drums, bass, synths and fx.


This type of mastering requires a good amount of communication. When you send us your files, please include a message of what you want done to the track and the feeling you are going for. Be sure to include links to songs you want to be comparable with.

Files should be WAV stems along with MIDI data for the sounds you want produced. You can also attach a collected project file if your song is in one of our preffered DAWs*.

*Preffered DAWs include Ableton Live, Presonus Studio One and FL Studio.

$399 per track

Coming Soon!

Are you a prolific producer or a record label needing mastering on a regular basis? Save 40% with a mastering subscription!

When you sign up for a mastering subscription, you can send in your tracks to be mastered whenever you want!

Plans start at just $25 per month for stereo mastering.

What are credits?

A credit is equal to one stereo master. Two credits are equal to a stem master. Three credits are equal to a 32 channel master. Four credits are equal to an unlimited channel mix-down.

Do credits roll over to the next month?

Yes! As long as you are subscibed, your credits are good and will keep building up until you use them.

For Further Details, go to Submission Guidelines

For more answers, go to Frequently Asked Questions