Submission Guidelines

For All File Submissions

Please send us your files using our file submission form or email us directly at

We prefer to receive files via Dropbox or FTP. Yousendit, Sendspace and Google Drive are also acceptable. Please put all files into a .zip folder to maintain file integrity and save space.

Stereo Mastering

When submitting tracks for stereo mastering, first make sure the mix sounds exactly as you want it. The final quality of a master is directly influenced by the mixdown quality.

If you need professional mixing done, you can order it HERE.

Once you have the mix where you want it, make sure you have about 3dB of headroom, meaning the peak level of the song should not exceed -3dB.

Please ensure that you do not have any limiters on the master bus. Compression may be used lightly on the master bus, but this is not advised unless you are confident in your mixing ability and know how to properly compress a mix.

Stem Mastering

When prepping stems for mastering, add 4 to 8 audio busses, one for each group of instruments. Mix these busses to your taste and then export them individually, leaving all processing on.

Typical stem setup examples:
-Kick, Snare, Other Percussion, Sub-bass, Bass, Melody/Synths, FX, Vocals

-Drums, Bass, Melody/Synths, Vocals

Check out this video on stem exporting


Exporting for mixdown is very similar to exporting for stem mastering except you do not need to create busses.

Make sure no channels are clipping. Export tracks wet (with effects on) and put them in a zipped folder.

Production Mastering

Production Mastering is the most complex type of mastering we offer.

Start by exporting each channel as if you were having your song mixed. Also incude MIDI files of everything you want replaced.

If you use Ableton Live, Studio One or FL studio, collect and save your project file and place it, along with all samples, stems and midi into a .zip folder.

Be sure to include a rough mixdown of your song and a couple of links to music you want to be comperable with.

Check Out This Tutorial

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