compression in electronic music plugins

The Top 5 Compressor Plug-ins for Electronic Music

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Back to the roots Over the past few years, the plug-in market has been flooded with hundreds of varieties of compressors, everything from vintage emulations to absolutely transparent compressors with slick, hyper modern interfaces. With this barrage of choices, it’s easy to get lost in the selection and forget about technique. Therefore, before you read this article, make sure you …

Is Mastering and Mixing really an analog only affair?

Analog VS. Digital in Mixing & Mastering Dance Music

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Of the endless topics that pop up in discussions between dance music producers, analog vs. digital seems to be among the most frequently brought up. Some cling to the purist “analog or bust” mentality while some prefer the new school digital revolution. Both have their pro’s and cons, let’s examine some key points. A Time and Place While the exact …

Beatport and Bankruptcy In The Same Sentence, Should We Worry?

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       Yesterday, electronic music giant SFX Entertainment officially declared bankruptcy. This shocked many dance music enthusiasts as SFX is also know for throwing some of the largest EDM events in the world including Tomorrowland. More importantly, SFX Entertainment is the parent of the worlds largest music store specifically aimed at DJ’s, Following the announcement from SFX, Beatport …